Barn av vår jord


Jag skrev precis på Instagram hur jag älskar att sprida kontakten med moder jord vidare till andra.

One thing I do love doing is to teach our daughters are to be connected to the food the are eating and where it comes from🌍. That evening Liv and I was driving on a small country road, we stopped the car went out on the field and did listen to the music from the field, we spoke about how every plant has been a seed, how when it is ripe is going to be food for us people, we danced with the field from the music it made with the wind. Golden moments in total connection and devotion how we, human beings are depending on this Earth for survival. Take care of Pacha Mama/ Moder Jord/ Mother Gaia and you are taking care of yourself and the generations next to come 💚.




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